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                        Airbus Sentinels

                        Earth observation

                        A new look at your world

                        For a weather-independent data source, high-frequency revisits, very-high-resolution imagery or even all of the above in a single system – we can provide the right Earth observation satellite for every customer.

                        Our innovative off-the-shelf solutions and highly efficient production processes enable a record-time delivery of highly sophisticated satellites. What’s more – we also have a substantial expertise in ground segment infrastructure, technology and operations as well as data management and imagery exploitation.

                        No. 1 supplier to European institutions
                        30 years of in-orbit time since 1986
                        No in-orbit failure
                        Prime contractor
                        for over 70 earth observation satellites

                        More than thirty years of successful earth observation

                        Since the launch of its first Earth observation satellite in 1986, Airbus Defence and Space has successfully built and delivered almost 50 Earth observation satellite systems, accumulating over 30 years of in-orbit operation. Not a single one of these missions has ever failed in orbit.

                        Today, many of our satellites are in operation well beyond their originally scheduled lifetime.

                        At the same time, several new satellites as well as numerous payloads for customers around the globe are currently in construction in our facilities.

                        Earth Observation interactive map

                        Reducing deforestation

                        Reducing deforestation

                        with Airbus' earth observation tech

                        Latest Earth Observation news

                        Airbus to develop technology for ultra-high-resolution satellites for UK MOD

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                        Airbus to develop CO3D Earth Observation programme for CNES

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                        Airbus strengthens its imagery capabilities with Vision-1


                        Airbus-built French military Earth observation satellite (CSO) launched successfully

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                        Launch of sobloo - a Copernicus Data and Information Access Service (DIAS)

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                        Airbus teams up to develop Space CARBon Observatory (SCARBO)

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                        S950 Optical    
                        S250 Radar    
                        S250 Optical    
                        S850 Radar    
                        S450 Optical    
                        Airbus engineer testing ocean satellite Sentinel-6A’s    
                        Airbus engineer testing ocean satellite Sentinel-6A’s    
                        Artist Impression Of An Oberon Project Spacecraft    
                        Artist impression of an Oberon Project Spacecraft Cluster    
                        CO3D Copyright Airbus 2019    
                        Vision 1 Melbourne Australia - Airbus DS 2019    
                        Aeolus Spacecraft And Its Instrument Aladin    
                        Web Homepage Keeper Of The Winds Copyright ESA    
                        Earth Observation Portfolio    
                        Airbus Sentinels    
                        PAZ Satellite Copyright Airbus2018    
                        PAZ Satellite    
                        Princes' Park of Paris, France Pleiades Satellite Imagery    
                        Sentinel-5p - Overview    
                        Sentinel-5p - Function    
                        Sentinel-5p - Airbus Contribution    
                        COD3D Earth Obsevation Programme      
                        CO3D Earth Obsevation Programme (French)      
                        The MetOp-C weather satellite      
                        Sentinel-5 Precursor      
                        Biomass - Promo clip      
                        The New Journey into Space      
                        Earth Observation Portfolio      
                        PerúSAT-1 - A 24-month story from A to Z      
                        Copernicus and its Sentinels      
                        Copernicus - Sentinel 2B      
                        Sentinel-2 - Promotionnal clip      
                        Airbus Defence and Space to build Biomass – the European Space Agency’s forest mission      
                        Earth Observation      
                        Secure Exchange Gateway Lösung von Airbus Defence and Space      
                        Spot 6/7      
                        SpaceDataHighway - Interview Evert Dudok      
                        Capacity Building      
                        Interview of Fabrice Chenille, Head of Marketing for Space Systems      
                        Grace-FO - Animation Footage      
                        Climate Change      


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                        Airbus Aerial

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