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                        City integration

                        City integration

                        Urban air mobility in the city context

                        Urban air mobility has the potential to make cities more liveable for communities worldwide. By actively inviting citizens and other stakeholders to become co-creators of future mobility solutions, we aim to shape the next era of urban mobility in a safe and sustainable manner.

                        A380 Family 01 May 2016

                        Amsterdam Canals bicycles bridge

                        Amsterdam city scene with many bike parkes on typical water canal and bridge in sunny day

                        Co-creating with cities

                        To make urban air mobility a reality, public adoption and acceptance will be key. This is why we are focusing on sustainably integrating urban air mobility into the city context in a way that addresses both environmental and social concerns. We seek the active involvement of public and private stakeholders, with whom we aim to collaborate at every step. In doing so, we can set up the necessary infrastructure, regulatory and public co-creation frameworks that will ensure urban air mobility achieves maximum societal benefits

                        EIP-SCC: connecting cities to solutions

                        In 2017, Airbus was appointed to lead the Urban Air Mobility Initiative of the wider European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) that is supported by the European Commission. To date, 42 European cities across 14 countries are involved. As part of the initiative, participants work to explore and elaborate on the definition of mobility demonstrator projects that integrate the third dimension across a variety of use cases. These include drone ambulances and air taxis, as well as drone use for critical medical operations, and supplies and logistics deliveries.

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