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                        First Teams Enter The Inaugural Electric Aircraft Air Race

                        Air Race E

                        The world's first all-electric airplane race

                        Air Race E will become the world’s first all-electric airplane race when it launches its inaugural series of international races in 2020. Led by world-leading air racing promoter Jeff Zaltman, the race is set to revolutionise air racing and to pioneer innovations in electric aviation. Airbus is the Official Founding Partner of Air Race E.


                        Air Race E will create a mainstream platform in which innovation in electric propulsion can be developed, nurtured and accelerated rapidly. The competition aims to drive the development and adoption of cleaner, faster and more technologically advanced electric engines that can be applied to urban air mobility vehicles and, eventually, commercial aircraft. 

                        First Teams Enter The Inaugural Electric Aircraft Air Race

                        How it works

                        Air Race E will follow a format similar to the popular Air Race 1 series of the sport known as formula one air racing. Eight electric-powered airplanes will race directly against each other on a tight 5-km circuit, just 10 metres above the ground, and at speeds faster than any land-based motorsport. 

                        Learn more about Air Race E

                        Learn more about Air Race E

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