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                        Airbus UpNext

                        Airbus UpNext

                        Flying future technologies today

                        At Airbus UpNext, we fly future technologies at speeds that go well beyond what seems feasible today. In doing so, we are actively shaping the future of the aerospace industry.


                        We use flight demonstrators as the principal means of evaluating, maturing and validating new products and services that encompass radical technological breakthroughs.

                        Our mission is:

                        • To identify the trends that could disrupt the future of the aerospace industry and evaluate them to demonstrate their potential as a viable product
                        • To accelerate traditional research cycles and prototype development to achieve proof of concept in a real environment and at a convincing scale and speed
                        • To develop real-world applications for emerging aerospace technologies, thereby driving their maturity and increasing their value. 


                        This programme aims to provide seamless smart routing in satellite constellations (LEO and GEO). TELEO will also boost ground-to-space communication data rates thanks to ultra-high throughput optical links. Flight demonstration is expected by end-2021.

                        Reliable Connected Fleet

                        Reliable Connected Fleet

                        This programme aims to revolutionise connectivity architecture by combining dependable and secure communications with superior service quality. The final demonstration will go live in 2019.

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