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                        Airbus’ twin-engine H155 (formerly EC155 B1) is designed for a wide range of missions, including private and business aviation, EMS, and law enforcement operations. This five-tonne helicopter is an enhanced version of the proven Dauphin family.

                        Global reach

                        The Dauphin H155 is flown by nearly 75 operators in more than 30 countries.


                        Rotor design excellence

                        The H155 belongs to the renowned Dauphin family and benefits from Airbus’ advanced rotor technology, providing the lowest vibration and sound signature in its class. 

                        Its Spheriflex® main rotor head delivers a smooth ride – even at high speed – along with excellent handling qualities and in-flight stability.

                        Thanks to the shrouded Fenestron® tail rotor, the H155 benefits from a low sound signature and low maintenance. The shrouded rotor concept delivers additional yaw control while increasing safety during ground operations, especially in confined areas.

                        Sustainable and fast

                        The H155 is equipped with two Safran Arriel 2C2 turbine engines fitted with dual channel full authority digital engine controls (FADEC) for fully automated one engine inoperative (OEI) safety. Thanks to its significant power, the H155 has a long flight range as well as the fastest cruising speed in its class.

                        Durability and mission capability are guaranteed by the H155’s airframe components made of highly resistant, corrosion-proof composite materials and light alloys.

                        The H155 offers a full-glass cockpit with large LCD screens which reduce pilot workload, improve safety and facilitate maintenance. Two Garmin GTN 750 touch screens are installed in the centre console and enhance situational awareness and connectivity.

                        Maintenance attributes

                        The H155 benefits from years of Dauphin family experience and is designed to ensure low maintenance costs.

                        Its Spheriflex® main rotor head, shrouded Fenestron® tail rotor and composite tail rotor blades are designed for a long operational life and easy maintenance. The engine’s integration has a decisive impact on maintenance; built-in steps provide easy access to the engines and main gearbox, while the modular design of the Safran Arriel 2C2 engines allows maintenance to be carried out in stages.

                        See the HCare Services section for more information about services at Airbus.

                        Available on the H155 is an optional health and usage monitoring system (HUMS), along with integrated maintenance assistance based on data recording and proactive monitoring.


                        Private and business aviation

                        Known as the ‘Flying Carpet’, the H155 has become a reference on the VIP market.

                        In its VIP configuration, the H155’s two wide hinged doors replace the standard sliding doors, giving access to spacious storage compartments. Electric footsteps ease passengers’ entry and exit from the aircraft, while the cabin is fitted with enhanced soundproofing for greater well-being in flight. Cabin equipment - including internal and external communications - is managed through touchscreen technology.

                        Public services

                        The H155 public services configuration is an efficient and versatile configuration encompassing all prerequisites for multi-purpose operations on land and out at sea.

                        Operators appreciate its large cabin, flat floor and numerous attachment points that enable quick and easy cabin conversions. Pilots enjoy the most advanced autopilot conceived for helicopters.

                        Emergency medical services

                        The H155 is a highly capable air ambulance that offers high speed, long range, accessibility and safety.

                        The high-set main rotor and tail rotor allow for safe ground operations, even while the rotors are turning, while the low vibration and noise levels ensure the best ride for patients.

                        Technical Description


                        Hover ceiling OGE*

                        2,435 m

                        Hover ceiling IGE*

                        3,230 m

                        Recommended cruise speed

                        266 km/h

                        Max** range with standard fuel tanks

                        792 km

                        Max** endurance with standard fuel tanks


                        Flight envelope (temperature)

                        -40°C to ISA +35°C limited to 50°C

                        Max flight altitude

                        4,572 m


                        D-value 14.3 m 
                        Rotor diameter 12.6 m 
                        Internal volume  6.66 m3 


                        Crew + passengers 1 or 2 pilots + 13 passengers
                        Max takeoff weight (MTOW) 4,920 kg
                        Max cargo-slim load 1,600 kg
                        Useful load Up to 1,820 kg
                        Engine Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2C2
                        Standard fuel tank capacity 993 kg
                        Takeoff power 703 kW


                        Hover ceiling OGE* 8,050 ft
                        Hover ceiling IGE* 10,600 ft
                        Recommended cruise speed 144 kts
                        Max** range with standard fuel tanks 428 NM
                        Max** endurance with standard fuel tanks 4h10 min
                        Flight envelope (temperature) -40°C to ISA + 35°C limited to 50°C
                        Max altitude flight 15,000 ft


                        D-value  46.91 ft
                        Rotor diameter  41.34 ft
                        Internal volume (cabin) 235.20 cu.ft


                        Crew + passengers 1 or 2 pilots + 13 passengers
                        Max takeoff weight (MTOW) 10,846 lb
                        Max cargo sling load 3,527 Ib
                        Useful load Up to 4,012 Ib
                        Engine Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2C2
                        Standard fuel tank capacity 2,189 Ib

                        Takeoff power

                        *at 4,400 kg / 9,700 lb ISA

                        **at MTOW, no reserve

                        943 shp

                        *at 4,400 kg / 9,700 lb, ISA

                        **at MTOW, no reserve


                        Photos and videos

                        EC155 DP 017 7    
                        Airbus static display - Helicopters    
                        Cdph 1407 003 1    
                        Airbus’ twin-engine H155 in white livery landing    
                        H155 for private and business transportation    
                        Easy maintenance for the H155    
                        H155 for EMS    
                        ShandsCair's H155, an highly capable air ambulance    
                        Airbus Helicopters signs first HCare Smart contract in Brazil    
                        Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department acquires one Airbus Helicopters H155    
                        H155 for law enforcement    
                        H155 Video teaser      
                        H155 video presentation      

                        H155 news

                        Hong Kong Government Flying Service rescues 70 amid typhoons


                        Airbus Helicopters signs first HCare Smart contract in Brazil


                        Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department acquires one Airbus Helicopters H155


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