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                        Contacts by department

                        Media Relations




                        Global contacts

                        Airbus Group SE
                        PO Box 32008
                        2303 DA Leiden The Netherlands

                        Main Office
                        B80 Building
                        2, rond-point Dewoitine, BP 90112
                        31703 Blagnac Cedex - FRANCE
                        Tel. +33 5 81 31 75 00

                        Airbus UK
                        Airbus Defence and Space UK
                        Floor 2, Wellington House, 125-30 Strand
                        WC2R 0AP London - ENGLAND
                        Tel. +44 20 7395 7800

                        Airbus North America
                        Airbus Defence and Space North America
                        2550 Wasser Terrace, Suite 9000
                        20171 Herndon, Virginia - UNITED STATES
                        Tel. +1 703 466 5600

                        1, rond-point Maurice Bellonte
                        31 707 Blagnac Cedex - FRANCE
                        Tel. +33 5 61 93 33 33

                        Airbus Defence and Space
                        Paseo John Lennon, S/N
                        28906 Getafe, Madrid - SPAIN
                        Tel: +34 91 443 30 00

                        Premium AEROTEC
                        Haunstetter Str. 225
                        86179 Augsburg -GERMANY-
                        Tel. +49 821 801 0

                        Airbus EFW
                        Grenzstrasse 1
                        01 109 Dresden - GERMANY
                        Tel. +49 351 8839 0

                        STELIA Aerospace
                        1, Boulevard de l’Europe, BP 90115
                        31772 Colomiers Cedex – FRANCE
                        Tel. +33 5 81 91 40 00

                        ATR Avions de Transport Régional
                        1, allée Pierre Nadot
                        31 712 Blagnac cedex – FRANCE
                        Tel. +33 5 62 21 62 21

                        Commercial Aircraft


                        Airbus Headquarters in Toulouse 
                        1, Rond Point Maurice Bellonte
                        31707 Blagnac Cedex
                        Phone: +33 5 61 93 33 33

                        Airbus in Germany 
                        Kreetslag 10
                        21129 Hamburg - Germany
                        Phone: +49 40 743-70

                        Airbus in the U.K. 
                        CH4 0DR - UK
                        Phone: +44 1244 520444 

                        Pegasus House
                        Aerospace Avenue
                        Filton, Bristol, BS34 7PA - UK
                        Phone: +44 1179 69 3831

                        Airbus in France
                        Site de Saint Martin du Touch
                        316 route de Bayonne
                        31060 Toulouse Cedex 9 - France
                        Phone: +33 5 61 93 55 55

                        Airbus in Spain
                        Paseo John Lennon
                        28906 Getafe – Madrid - Spain
                        Phone: +34 916 242 322

                        Airbus in Russia
                        40/2, Bolshaya
                        Ordynka Str. 5-th floor
                        119017 Moscow - Russia
                        Phone: +7 499 929 79 17
                        Fax: +7 499 929 79 71

                        Airbus Transport International
                        12 rue Gabriel Clerc 
                        31700 BLAGNAC - France 
                        Fax: +33 561 93 46 11 


                        2550 Wasser Terrace, Suite 9100
                        Herndon, VA 20171 - U.S.A.
                        Phone: +1 703 834 3400
                        Fax: +1 703 834 3593

                        Airbus North America Engineering
                        1801 S.Broad Street
                        Mobile, Alabama 36615 - U.S.A.
                        Phone: +1 251 434 7200
                        Fax: +1 251 434 7203

                        Airbus Training Center
                        4355 NW 36 Street
                        Miami, FL 33166 - U.S.A.
                        Phone: +1 305 871 36 55
                        Fax: +1 305 871 46 49

                        Airbus North America Engineering
                        1855 Innovation Blvd.
                        Wichita, KS 67208 - U.S.A.
                        Phone: +1 316 299 0100

                        Asia Pacific

                        Airbus in China
                        Beijing Tianzhu Airport
                        Industrial Zone
                        Tianwei Erjie, Shunyi County
                        Beijing 101312 - China
                        Phone: +86 10 80 48 61 61
                        Fax: +86 10 80 48 61 94

                        Airbus in Singapore
                        Airbus Communications - Asia
                        Airbus Group Singapore 
                        78 Shenton Way
                        #16-01 - Singapore 079120
                        Phone: +65 6325 0380
                        Fax: +65 6325 0320

                        Airbus in Australia
                        Suite 1002, Level 10
                        1 Macquarie Place
                        Sydney NSW 2000 - Australia
                        Phone: +61 2 8864 0520
                        Fax: +61 2 8864 0530

                        Airbus in Australia
                        Suite 1002, Level 10
                        1 Macquarie Place
                        Sydney NSW 2000 - Australia
                        Phone: +61 2 8864 0520
                        Fax: +61 2 8864 0530

                        Airbus in India
                        Airbus Group India Private Limited
                        5th Floor, West Wing, 
                        Worldmark – 1 Aerocity 
                        New Delhi – 110037 - India
                        Phone: +91 11 45 801 100
                        Fax: +91 11 41 627 713

                        Airbus Engineering Centre
                        Airbus India, A unit of Airbus Group India Private Limited
                        4th Floor, Xylem, Plot No. 4 & 4A
                        Dyavasandra Industrial Area,
                        Mahadevapura Post, Whitefield Road, 
                        Bangalore 560048 - India
                        Phone : +91 80 66 380 380 
                        Fax : +91 80 66 380 118

                        Middle East

                        Dubai Airport Free Zone
                        East Wing 2
                        Mezzanine Floor - Dubai
                        Phone: +971 4 602 78 00
                        Fax: +971 4 299 67 62


                        Airbus Helicopters Marignane
                        Aeroport International Marseille Provence
                        13725 Marignane Cedex - France
                        Phone: +33 4 42 85 85 85

                        Airbus Helicopters Dugny
                        3 Rue Sébastien et Jacques Lorenzi,                    
                        Place Générale Valérie André                            
                        93440 Dugny - France                                                
                        Phone: +33 1 49 34 40 41                         

                        Reach our Customer Support Center open 24/7.      
                        Phone : + 800 55 55 97 97 (toll free) or + 33 4 42 85 97 97 (other countries)


                        Airbus Helicopters Donauwörth
                        Industriestrasse 4
                        D-86609 Donauwörth - Germany
                        Phone : +49 906 71-0

                        Want more information about a product or mission

                        Defence and Space

                        Airbus Defence and Space Getafe
                        Paseo John Lennon, S/N
                        28906 Getafe, Madrid - SPAIN
                        Tel: +34 91 443 30 00

                        Airbus Defence and Space Barajas
                        Av de aragon 404
                        28022, Madrid - SPAIN
                        Tel: +34 91 443 30 00

                        Airbus Defence and Space San Pablo
                        Avenida del Aeropuerto, s/n,

                        41020, Sevilla - SPAIN

                        Tel: +34 91 443 30 00

                        Airbus Defence and Space Ottobrunn

                        Willy-Messerschmitt-Strasse 1

                        82024 Taufkirchen


                        Airbus Defence and Space Manching

                        Rechliner Straße
                        85077 Manching

                        Airbus Defence and Space Elancourt


                        1 Boulevard Jean MOULIN

                        78990 Elancourt - France

                        Airbus Defence and Space Toulouse

                        ZI du Palays

                        31 Rue des Cosmonautes

                        31400 Toulouse - France



                        Military Aircraft

                        Space Transportation/Launchers

                        Earth Observation Satellites


                        Space Exploration

                        Telecom Satellites

                        Space Equipements & Electronics

                        Intelligence and Geo Information


                        Visit Airbus facilities worldwide

                        United Kingdom

                        Frequently asked questions

                        Careers, internships, undergraduates, interviews

                        I have login problems, Adobe flash player issues

                        Please report your problem to the following e-mail address: Airbus handles a large volume of job openings at any time, along with many forms/applications, so please be very specific in your trouble report.


                        I am looking for a job or an internship

                        We have created a comprehensive “Careers” section of the website, which contains information on current Airbus employment opportunities at all levels. Please take a few minutes to review this section, as it is the location where all Airbus openings are posted and is the means by which Airbus accepts applications online:

                        Customer support, technical questions, airport planning, helicopter landing pad

                        I am an airline, a pilot or a training related professional and I have a query

                        For Airbus commercial aircraft, information covering the full range of services is provided on the dedicated “Airbus Services” website, including core services aircraft availability, flight operations and in-flight experience:

                        To contact the services team, use the form on this page:


                        I am a professional and I have a question related to the operation and maintenance of Airbus Commercial Aircraft

                        For all questions related to the operation and maintenance of Airbus Commercial Aircraft, we ask our operators, customers and industry colleagues to use the privileged channels that are available to them through our Airbus offices worldwide.

                        Furthermore, Airbus has established a global network of resident customer support managers. Their role is to facilitate customers’ access to the entire range of support services available and ensure customers’ needs are met.

                        To find out how to contact your nearest Airbus representative, go to the Technical support & services page of Airbus’ Website:


                        I am a professional and I have an helicopter services related question 

                        Airbus Helicopters has developed extensive resources to support its operators and maintainers around the world. Please visit the services section of the website ( where you will find links to technical support (with contact numbers and e-mail address for Airbus HCare [24-hour hotline], and a link for technical publications via the Keycopter portal).

                        Procurement (new suppliers)

                        I am a supplier and I want to offer service, products, booth supplies for events

                        Airbus encourages potential new suppliers to register through the centralised ePROC sourcing tool.  Please see the “Procurement” page of the “Working with Airbus” section:

                        Also review our dedicated “Suppliers” section for additional details:

                        I am looking for a photo/video of an Airbus product, how can I find it?

                        For photos

                        Please click on the Media section (upper right in main navigation). Then on Galleries/Photo Gallery where you need to agree to our disclaimer. All photos you access from here are downloadable and can be used in the frame as per described in our Disclaimer. You can use the Search or browse by division to find the photo you are looking for.

                        For videos

                        Please click on the Media section (upper right in main navigation). Then on Galleries/Video Gallery where you need to agree to our disclaimer. All videos you access from here are downloadable and can be used in the frame as per described in our Disclaimer. You can use the Search or browse by division or media to find the video you are looking for. If you are a media professional you can use the Broadcast room ( only TV-stations professional format)

                        Goodies and Airbus Shop items

                        I would like to receive some goodies

                        Due to the large volume of requests we receive from the public, Airbus is not able to send give-away items. However, may we suggest that you visit Airbus’ on-line boutique to purchase Airbus-branded materials, including scale models, stickers, posters, magnets, pins, badge holders, pens, binoculars, T-shirts, caps, jackets, sweaters, umbrellas and other products. 

                        Asset management

                        I would like to buy aircraft

                        Airbus does not encourage contacts on such commercial issues via its website. Should you wish to clearly identify yourself as a potential purchaser and send us an overview of your business plan to establish an airline operation, a member of Airbus’ Customer Affairs team may contact you upon its review. Send details to: and review this section: . For list prices of Airbus aircraft, please see the downloadable document in the “Key Documents” area of the Newsroom:

                        Ideas and inventions

                        I have an idea or an invention

                        As we receive a very large number of e-mails with new ideas, we unfortunately are unable to respond individually. However, Airbus encourages potential new suppliers – including those with ideas to propose – to consider registering through the centralised ePROC sourcing tool: Also, please review the following page:

                        Contacts, e-mails

                        I am a media and I am looking for specific contacts at Airbus

                        May we suggest you contact the Airbus Media Relations team? The contacts for all Airbus businesses are available at:

                        Students and teachers material

                        I am a student and I am looking for research material or I would like to have interviews with Airbus personnel

                        While we encourage academic research, we cannot offer individual assistance to students due to the very high volume of requests. May I suggest that you review the various press releases, stories, etc. on the website using the "Search" function and appropriate keywords, which will yield many results that we hope will be useful to you. We wish you the best on your project!


                        I am looking for Airbus Aircraft 3-D views

                        3-D view drawings of Airbus aircraft are available and are accurate to within 10 centimetres. These are accessible via the airport operations page of



                        I am a teacher and I need UMA information

                        Due to overwhelming demand, Airbus is not able to respond to request for specific information or material for schools. We hope that the extensive on-line documentation available on will be of use to your students.

                        As a start, we suggest looking at the Urban Mobility section of the website: 


               well as the section on unmanned aircraft systems:


                        Still looking for more information? Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

                        General inquiries:

                        Airbus Vulnerability Handling and Disclosure

                        Airbus is strongly committed to the safety and security of Airbus products and services.

                        Feel free to contact us if you want to report security issues within Airbus products, services or offerings.

                        Note: Customers and users of Airbus products or solutions should contact Airbus Customer Services to report issues discovered in Airbus products and offerings.

                        Security Vulnerability Submission by Email

                        Vulnerability information can be extremely sensitive. When using email to report potential security issues to Airbus encrypted communication channels are highly appreciated.

                        Please use the following Airbus PGP public key

                        Contact details:

                        Email address:

                        PGP Fingerprint: 7C7B 0200 6697 ABE3 3DB3  A3F5 C132 BA7A 4B0F EEE4

                        Please include a brief description of the issue identified, including what was attempted and the result. If you are able to provide additional information regarding the affected Airbus product, service or offering, it will also be beneficial for our investigation.

                        We will endeavor to respond as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours.

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