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                        Our approach to sustainability reporting

                        Our approach to sustainability reporting

                        Prioritising our responsibility & sustainability efforts

                        Being a responsible business means balancing the needs and expectations of society with our commitments to our business and our stakeholders. To prioritise our efforts, we engage with our stakeholders to identify materiality issues. We also rely on our Responsibility & Sustainability Charter to guide us in our responsible business practices.

                        Airbus Materiality Assessment

                        We use a materiality assessment—the first of which was conducted in 2017—to prioritise our top environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. This process involves working with a group of consultants to conduct in-depth interviews with the following stakeholder groups:

                        • Customers
                        • Local communities
                        • Suppliers
                        • Investors
                        • NGOs
                        • Works councils
                        • Technology partners
                        • MROs
                        • Government bodies
                        • Industry associations


                        The results of our materiality assessment offer us a clear roadmap and overview of the key material issues impacting our business. We regularly conduct this assessment to define the strategic direction required to conduct our day-to-day work in an informed manner.

                         Our materiality assessment offers Airbus a clear roadmap and overview of key material issues impacting our business.

                        Our Responsibility & Sustainability Charter

                        The Airbus Responsibility & Sustainability Charter is a testament to our commitment to responsible practices, our company values, the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Charter has nine underlying commitments, which are set against the eight UN SDGs to which we are actively contributing. It serves as our framework for how we intend to work with our stakeholders to contribute to the needs of society.

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