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                        Click n'Buy

                        Catalogue, Request and Invoice management

                        What is Click n’Buy?


                        Click n’Buy is (cloud-based) software that unifies the way Airbus employees manage the purchasing of indirect goods and services across all Airbus divisions – from the catalogue search via the generation of purchase orders to e-invoicing.

                        The existing Click n'Buy programme is composed of Click n’Order & Click n’Pay

                        The tool allows suppliers to manage their catalogues and collaborate with the Airbus community through the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), our free-of-charge and user-friendly supplier portal.

                        Data can be exchanged between the parties via the web in a secure, structured and controlled way.


                        Contacts for Customer Care

                        Contact Airbus Customer Care for any issue with the application, such as:

                        • Problems while managing catalogue(s)
                        • Question about a purchase order
                        • General technical problems

                        Telephone: +33 (0)1 57 32 48 95


                        Important notice: The Airbus support agent will create a ticket to record and work on the request. The ticket number should be retained to track the request status and receive optimal support.


                        Be an Airbus supplier


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