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                        Airbus A220-100


                        Purpose built for efficiency

                        The A220 Family portfolio



                        Key figures

                        A220-100 Side view
                        • Range 6,297 km 3,400 nm
                        • Typical seating 2-class 100-120 100-120
                        • Overall length 35.0 114 ft 9 in
                        A220-100 Front view
                        • Height 11.5 m 37 ft 8 in
                        • Wingspan 35.1 m 115 ft 1 in
                        Overall length 35.0 m
                        Cabin length 23.7 m
                        Fuselage max diameter
                        3.5 m
                        Max cabin width 3.3 m
                        Wingspan 35.1 m
                        11.8 m
                        Max seating  135
                          Typical seating 2-class  100-120
                        Water volume
                        23.7 m3


                        Range 6,297 km
                        Mmo M0.82
                        Max ramp weight
                        63.5 tonnes
                        Max take-off weight
                        63.1 tonnes
                        Max landing weight
                        52.4 tonnes
                        Max zero fuel weight
                        50.4 tonnes
                        Max fuel capacity
                        21,805 litres
                        Overall length 114 ft 9 in
                        Cabin length 77 ft 10 in
                        Fuselage max diameter
                        11 ft 5 in
                        Max cabin width 10 ft 9 in
                        115 ft 1 in
                        38 ft 8 in
                        Wheelbase -
                        Max seating 135
                          Typical seating 2-class 100-120
                        Water volume
                        839 ft³
                        Range 3,400 nm
                        Mmo M0.82
                        Max ramp weight
                        140 lb x 1000
                        Max take-off weight
                        139 lb x 1000
                        Max landing weight
                        115.5 lb x 1000
                        Max zero fuel weight
                        111 lb x 1000
                        Max fuel capacity
                        5,760 USG

                        Built-in efficiency

                        The cockpit configuration for Airbus’ A220 jetliners enables pilots to fly its two versions –the A220-100, and its longer-fuselage A220-300 variant – with the same type rating, facilitating the family’s addition to an airline’s fleet

                        The smallest jetliner in Airbus’ in-production product line, the A220-100, was built from the ground up to serve the 100-135 seat market with unbeatable efficiency and comfort. With broad seats, plenty of overhead storage space and large windows, it’s a single-aisle aircraft that feels like a wide-body jet.

                        The extensive use of advanced aluminium in the fuselage – along with advanced composites in the wings, empennage and rear fuselage – reduces weight and increases corrosion resistance, resulting in better efficiency and maintainability. These modern materials make up more than 40% of the aircraft’s primary structure, delivering weight savings for reduced fuel burn, with an accompanying reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions.

                        Powered by Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G geared turbofan engines specifically designed for the family, the A220-100 can connect distant airports with its 2,950 nm range and best-in-class airfield performance. Using a takeoff field length as short as 1,460 metres, the A220 Family is ideal for hot-and-high and city-centre airport operations. In fact, the A220-100 is the largest aircraft able to operate in the constrained environment of London City Airport. From such challenging airports, the A220 Family’s performance and efficiency give it a built-in advantage.

                        Passenger comfort

                        In addition to delivering best-in-class economics, the A220 Family’s cabin was purpose-built to deliver an exceptional passenger experience. A220 Family aircraft are recognised for their low noise levels, providing a quiet and comfortable cabin.

                        Wide seats combined with ample overhead storage create personal space without compromising on headroom, and the cabin management system provides crews with easy, intuitive control of the aircraft’s interior environment, including entertainment offerings and mood lighting.

                        Like the larger A220-300 version, the A220-100’s configurable cabin provides two flex zones, allowing operators to benefit from fully customisable modular cabin elements, including stowage areas and partitions, based on their specific needs.

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